Welcome - Introduction
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding" Proverbs 3:5
Our ministry mission is to restore Hebraic study to the body of Christ today.  Your next question may well be: “What is Hebraic study?”

Hebraic study is the restoration of the Biblical viewpoint and context from which Christ and the Apostles taught the Lord’s precepts for the first 100 years of Christianity.  It is the essential source for understanding WHY Jesus referred to Himself as “the Bridegroom” which forms an essential prophetic end-time message for believers today.  It also reveals the immutable character of God.  Specifically how the God of the Hebrew Scriptures (or the Old Testament) and Jesus - as revealed in the New Testament - are ONE Lord having the same consistent character and purpose as revealed in ALL Scripture.

When we apply this Hebraic background to our own Bible studies today, it restores the cultural context and essential teaching model of God’s precepts as it was understood by Jesus and His Apostles in the first century.

Take just a moment, and imagine that you are able to travel back in time 2000 years to Israel when Jesus walked this earth.  Imagine that you are one of the multitudes sitting on a hillside listening to Him teach, or one of His disciples as He instructs you in private around the Seder table at Passover. 

What you would immediately realize is that His words register with you much differently than they do in our 21st century western culture.  What you are realizing is the same thing that archeologists have always understood: when you read ancient manuscripts you must read them in the light of the culture in which they were written.

The texts that make up our Bibles today are 2000 to 3500 years old, and they were written in a culture vastly different than our own.  Even though the concepts and instructions of God are timeless, they were still written down by men who acted as His instruments, and they wrote in the expression of their culture, language and traditions.  The Bible is filled with specific references to these unique cultural characteristics, and they were presumed to be commonly understood when the biblical texts were written.

This was the culture from which present day Christianity emerged.  We call these the Hebraic roots of our faith, and it is the restoration of these Hebraic roots in which Ariel Ministries specializes.  You will likely find that what is revealed through the context of the Hebraic roots is very new to our Christian experience, and that it becomes an essential element and faith-raising addition to your full understanding of the Word of the God.


Because we believe that the only way you can truly understand the Word of God is to see it through the eyes of the people who wrote it: the Jews of ancient Israel. Further, we believe that the Hebrew Bible (or what has become incorrectly labeled today as the "Old Testament") is the Foundation of the New Testament.  The New Testament cannot possibly be properly understood without that foundation and its respective cultural context. It should go without saying, however, that all study of the Word of God must be guided and inspired by the Ruach HaKodesh - the Holy Spirit of God.

Our mission is to restore Hebraic studies to believers today.
To do that, some basic premises must be presented.

It is historical fact that the Bible is an entirely Jewish book (with the exception of the two books written by Luke). Jesus, Himself, and His disciples were all practicing Jews, and the entire early church (circa 40 ACE) was virtually 100 percent Jewish (with the exception of a very small number of Gentile proselytes).  Therefore, it becomes readily apparent why it is essential to study the Bible within its proper Hebraic context.

This teaching context greatly deepens our knowledge of the prophetic purposes of the Lord in this age, and will help us recognize the profound fulfillment of God’s will in present current events in our world today.  It directs us to the Lord’s stated intentions and His sovereign will regarding the nature and ministry of Messiah and His plan of redemption for the world.

This plan is revealed by the Lord in a prophetic blueprint that describes the first and second advent of Messiah and is profoundly evident in such Hebraic precepts as the Jewish bridegroom seeking his bride.  The prophetic pattern in the ancient wedding process perfectly describes the Lord’s pattern of redemption performed in two distinct advents.

Hebraic study, as it was understood by Jesus and the Apostles, will especially bless our understanding of our personal relationship with Jesus as our Bridegroom; as our Passover Lamb, and as the Coming King Who will usher in the Messianic Kingdom Age.

We believe that the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God, but that modern translations, layered with man-made traditions and man-made doctrines, have so anglicized the text that much of the original meaning and Hebraic context has been lost or obscured. For this reason, we find that it is essential to carefully examine the meanings of words and phrases in the original Hebrew and Greek languages, and that for those individuals who are seeking diligently after God the Bible itself best explains the Bible. 

We believe that Jesus is better known by his Hebrew name, Y’shua, a name that literally means "God is salvation". We believe that it is vastly more important to know Y’’shua personally than to know a religion. We further believe that the emphasis and current urgency we sense regarding the re-discovery of our Hebraic roots is a move of the Holy Spirit today.
"Surely My hand founded the earth, And My right hand spread out the heavens; When I call to them, they stand together. 
Isaiah 48:13